Liberty Air 2 review

Apparently less “coming soon”, more “in-stock” at BestBuy in New York.

Picked up a pair earlier today fully intending to return them once the Liberty 2 Pro pre-order showed up. I don’t think I’ll be doing that, these are pretty nice despite some of the billed features being non-functional.

The fit is great, the isolation is decent, sound quality is ok.

Cannot for the life of me get the touch gestures to work. at. all.

Nice over all though.


Pictures go a long way in helping a review.
What features are not functional?
If you have relatively cold hands/fingers then touch controls will be harder to use as it senses the body heat and movement to function

At first glance I always think you’re @Chiquinho because of that awesome profile picture :joy:

Official pictures will look better than mine.

I cannot get the touch controls to work at all. I have a normal body temp, so that’s not the issue. I’m using them indoors in a climate-controlled environment; it’s 76F right now per sensor.

We all love pics around here.

Good / bad / ugly (like my pic :joy:)

That’s odd your having issues with touch controls, although not everyone can get them to work. I would say return and exchange them to see if maybe it’s the earbuds itself

You’re probably right, it’s just such a drag.