Liberty 2 pro, right earbud dying 3 hours before left

As the title states my right earbud is dying a good three hours before the left and I’ve only had the earbuds for less than a month. Has anyone else experienced this/is it normal for them to discharge at different rates?

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Do you use one earphone more than other OR use earphones one at a time?

Please try to recharge both the earphones to full charge and use them together for use and check for results.

If this continues to happens, contact soundcore support

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I have tried charging them to 100% separately and then usimg them both simultaneously until discharge and the problem still persists… I only everuse both never one earbud at a time… it’s as if one of the batteries has drastically less capacity than the other.

Anker is using paying customers as their Beta Tester’ and as a result is charging hundreds of $’ to their customers for faulty products. I’ve been using Anker for the past 3 years as my sole provider of mobiles chargers and audio equipment , only to be used as an unofficial beta tester, without my knowledge. My first set of liberty 2 pros had a horrendous bsckground/white noise problem that rendered the earbuds unusable. The replacement pair still has the background noise problem albeit it is not as bad as before… I would have been happy with the improvements and ignored the background noise If it weren’t for the fact that the right earbud’ battery dies 3 hours before the left earbud. For a set of wireless earbuds that costs over 150$ it is completely unacceptable for the right earbud to die 3 hours before the left earbud.

If I do not receive a refund or an extended warranty for my purchase of defective earbuds and a replacement set, I will be actively ensuring that none of my 93,000 followers
wastes money on this faulty product.

It is beyond unethical for Anker to be using paying customers as their beta tester’s and I am seriously rethinking my trust of their products as a result of this practice. If this problem is not addressed I will be In contact with the Canadian Better Business Bureau and will do everything in my power to ensure that you are unable to use and scam any other canadians for profit.

Please try contacting soundcore support , they will provide the resolution / next steps

sorry to hear your experience, there is already a thread going on in the Soundcore Collective for this. The right way is to reach-out to the support and check on resolution steps.