Led on camera

I want to run my camera’s in completely silent mode. So when the camera triggers movement, no sound and no led lights popping up. I have configured it in the way the leds are not shown when movement is triggered, but I noticed this morning (nightvision), that the leds are popping up.

Is there a way that these leds for nightvision can be shut off?

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Go into your individual camera setting and disable the auto night vision, but know doing this will disable night vision all together

Ah, ok. that is what I thought as well. No way to put off the IR light and still have night vision?

I tried different settings with and without the ir lights and it just doesnt look good. But if you have some source of light in the area you may not need the ir lights. At m yuh house it’s crazy dark so without them you cant see anything, but a little ambient light goes a long way for others