Last Chance to Save Up to £100 on RoboVac X8

Hey Eufy fans!

Are you looking for a new RoboVac to take the stress out of vacuuming this Spring? Well, you’re in luck because the RoboVac X8 Series has up £100 in the UK and up to 80€ off in Germany for a limited time only!

:uk: RoboVac X8:

:de: RoboVac X8 Hybrid:

:de: RoboVac X8:

It’s a great deal, but there’s a lot more reasons why RoboVac X8 Series is awesome:

Did you know that you can vacuum and mop AT THE SAME TIME?! Combining 2 of the most boring chores and letting RoboVac X8 Hybrid do all the hard work for you is a great deal.

RoboVac X8 Series uses our exclusive iPath™ Laser Navigation to memorize your home’s environment. It then creates a virtual map so that it can use the most efficient cleaning route. Now, that’s smart!

Using RoboVac X8 on multiple floors? No fear, RoboVac will know which floor it’s on thanks to eufy’s AI.Map 2.0 Technology. It can create and store maps for up to 3 levels so it’s got the whole house covered.

RoboVac X8 Series is also compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa so you can use voice control to start cleaning whenever you want.

And don’t just take our word for it, check out reviews from eufy customers on Amazon:

  • R****** O’B****: I have the hybrid version. It’s genuinely excellent and similar to Pauls own robo my wife said “it’s the best gadget you’ve brought into this house!”. Absolute game changer.

  • M******: Great vacuum and the LIDAR/Sensors allow it to be less sporadic like the ‘random’ directional robots.

  • P***: I have to say that so far I am super impressed…I was surprised to see what it had sucked up after its initial run. Love the way the brush gets right into the corners etc.

  • Amazon Customer: The robot cleans everything very well, the power of the device is also very good.

  • R****: I had mine delivered today and I have to say it’s an excellent little machine. The mapping and the features is just brilliant.

  • H*** S**********: Eufy produces great stuff.

This deal ends on April 8th so make sure you don’t miss out. Are you planning on picking up a RoboVac X8? Let us know in the comments.


Thank you for the advertising.

I own still our “old Willy” 11S. ( born in 2017) and we do love this old busy fellow.
Doing daily works here and those very successful, indeed
He would be very angry to get any competitor. :smile:

Meanwhile we swapped the left side brush motor, the filter, the middlebrush and the the battery
He is really like a youngster after all these surgeries.

Oh., oh! I found some errors at the german website of that Robovac.

" Multi-Stockwerk Katierung" is wrong (“r” is missing) its "Multi-Stockwerk Kartierung"

And there are other ones

Scannt präzise das Grundstück

This is not a “Grundstück” ( property)
The app scans the floor plan which is "Grundriss" in German. :grinning:
Best would be to say
Scannt präzise den Grundriss der Wohnung.

"Reinigung des Hauses noch kürzerer Zeit".
There is a “in” missing

"Reinigung des Hauses in noch kürzerer Zeit."

Should I search for more?

You could ask me always to read those advertisements before publishing. :smiley:

Sorry I can not resist, I am an old teacher. :sweat_smile:

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Good savings