Last Call from eufy | Only £1 Win RoboVac 11S MAX (UK&DE)

Last Call from eufy:

Win RoboVac 11S Max in only £1 or 1€ (UK & DE)

It pays to join the product giveaway, do you dare to test your luck?:money_mouth_face:


  1. Customers pay to join the product giveaway
  2. Invite your friends to join the giveaway. They will also have to pay to join.
  3. Once the group has reached 250 people we will select 1 winner for the giveaway.
  4. The winners of this campaign will be announced on our official website and in our blog. To ensure fairness,
    we will also publish the process of selection.
  5. If you are not a winner, you will still receive a £5 off promotional code in addition to our black friday price.
  6. You can only submit one entry for the giveaway campaign. You can only register with one email. Participants who break the rules will not be eligible in this campaign.

hmmmmm interesting idea

If you are talking only about Pounds, the Germans will not take part.

Great giveaway for our friends!!! :ok_hand::clap:

Wish this was open for US, but best of luck to everyone!

Sounds great! I’m in, would love one for upstairs! And be great to try a different model.

I hope that some of you can win a free RoboVac!

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I need to win a Robovac, but not in UK :wink:

If you win it in UK your RoboVac will do his cleaning job in the United Kingdom.
That’s international business! :joy:

No win for me.
But if anyone wants my £5 off code let me know.