Keep Eufycam 2 batteries charged at all times

Hello there,

I just purchased the Eufycam 2 kit with 3 camera’s included.
On 2 camera’s i have the possibility to cable them and have them fully charged all the time.

Is this bad for the batteries or shouldn’t this be a problem?

Thx in advance for the answers…

Hey @Stijn!

Thanks for reaching out.

Please let us know:

  • If you had tried charging the camera with a 5V/2A or 9V/2A USB charger and cable.
  • Please try a different charger for your camera

If the issue still persists, please let us know the camera’s serial number and eufy account.

Feel free to email us, looking forward to your reply.


Please read my question carefully.

I don’t have any problems with charging the camera’s.

I have the possibility to keep the camera’s fully charged and plug them in all time in a wall socket.

My only question is is his bad for the batteries or shouldn’t this be a problem?


I’m looking to do the same thing. But I note the cable port in the camera does not appear to be weather proof when you plug in a cable.

What is the recommended voltage for 5v or 9v?

Thank you for your reply.

To address your concern, both 5V/2A and 9V/2A USB charger and cable can work with our device.

If you still having the concern with the charging port, could you please send us a photo as the reference?

Please feel free to email us, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Just get a long enough cable

If I use a cable to power continuously it will breach the waterproofing

@Stijn will having the cable plugged in breach the water proofing?

You don’t seem to be getting an official answer.

The rubber stopper is preventing water from getting into the hole, but also will your cable, what you could consider is placing silicon around the cable as you push it in and let it set, to make effectively the same as the rubber cover. You’d then need the cable pointing down, come up from below to not make it draw water towards the hole.

Thanks. I was asked to put photos up and heard nothing more.
I was hoping they may have produced a cable or adaptor with the silicon protector.
Not keen to use silicon as it is permanent. Might consider something like self amalgamating tape which can be removed.

Not permanent, the seal around a sink or bathroom, rubberised, it peels off type.

Plumbers tape may be similar wrapped around the cable end before going in.

These are wireless cameras with ridiculous battery life. Why the need to charge them permanently? Sounds like you invested in the wrong product or your cameras are faulty and discharging prematurely.

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