Just updated to the latest software on the Nebular Apollo & BBC app no longer works!

Just updated to the latest software on the Nebular Apollo & BBC app no longer works!

:tired_face: Please fix this update!

Have you tried updating the BBC app?

Yes it goes around in circles! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the BBC app to the same result. Once reinstalled it suggests that I update it, and round and round we go.

Updating a product like this is in general not a good idea. It is not a standard Android platform, not like a popular phone or tablet, so you’d expect updates to be not tested and not work.

Disable any kind of auto update. Only update if required to fix something.

Chances are a recent update to the iPlayer app doesn’t like your Android version. Uninstall.

Use an APK mirror site and download the last few versions. Chances are the current version is not working and the prior one worked. Install the application via file manager. If you do manage to find a version which works then stick with that til it is not working, don’t just update because an update exists.

Great! So i’ll just treat it like my Mac’s IOS and hold off updating the software for as long as possible!

Fantastic I hadn’t realised we were all beta testing a high ticket price on the mass market item!

Fortunately it mirrors the app from my iPhone but still, I personally like buying products that just work as they should. And had hoped the updates would have included my previous requests to turn the sleep time off and getting the other TV apps to work.

Hooo Hummn!

It’s not really Nebula fault, they can’t test every app, and to be fair iPlayer is a rare app only used in UK Vs say Prime or Netflix used in more countries.

I’m just advocating as Nebula is a rare product to not simply update as you’ll likely break something, so only update to fix something broken.

If you want something to just work buy the most popular like a Chromecast.

By all means buy an expensive projector but don’t assume the software will keep working unless it’s a sold by the millions type product.

Thanks! Your comments have been really useful.

Do you know how to disable auto update and to sideload APK?

Try an older iPlayer APK, chances are the latest iPlayer doesn’t like something like DRM or aspect ratio. A common issue recently is using the wrong tablet Vs phone version.