Just ordered the RoboVac L70

I can’t wait for this to be delivered. It’s my first robot vacuum with mapping capabilities and it will be my first Eufy robovac ever. No more robot ping pong for me!


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Congrats on your purchase! Let us know what you think of it once you’ve done a few cleanings!

Welcome to the family of RoboVac! Can’t wait to hear the feedback from you. :grin:

Same for me, but L70 or L70 Hybrid?!
L70 is not yet available as far as i know.

YES! I cannot wait to hear how it is. I got the email yesterday and WANT ONE!!! This would be the best kitchen gadget ever.

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is L70 out yet? it must be hybrid??

Hope you enjoy it!

No, L70 is not out yet. And no, the contrary, only the regular L70 is interesting for me. If this was the question :wink:

@Mathew_Woodard Tell us when your L70 H arrrived … thx!

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I got it last Tuesday and I love it! It is in fact the hybrid model.

Don’t forget to leave a review!!

Definitely! I’ll get something written soon.