Just entered FCC: Roav smartcharge wireless W2

Looks like Roav will be releasing a wireless car charger as seen below, letus know what your thoughts are?


Seems like an upgraded version of this.

Hopefully it works better because my mom’s Note5 kept falling out of the last one.

Still micro-USB, though :tired_face:

Not sure what makes it a “SmartCharge” because there doesn’t appear to be an FM transmitter. Also, why W2?


I had issues with my phone falling, but once i switched to the heavy duty base, it holds much better.
I also like the style of this one betr than the old one?*

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We were using that one from the beginning.

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Looks a bit bigger than the previous powerWave wireless car charger, should hold bigger phones,

thanks @Tank for sharing!

I sincerely hope they make a CD slot mount for it! I hate vent mounts!

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Great, thanks for sharing @Insider :+1:

You may not see the CD slots anymore !

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No kidding? I guess lots of cars are being made without them nowadays… I guess I better get with the times!

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:roll_eyes: i shared this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can always buy a cd mount and use it with this or any other car mount/charger. Most utilize a ball with a screw ring to tighten it, so a it would take would be to switch from the vent mou t to the cd mount

Good point. I’ve tried doing that in the past, but could never get quite the right fit for the ball and socket joint to work properly. Perhaps it’ll be different if I were working with an Anker product.

I had one that was too small and i wrapped pipe thread tape around it a few times and it worked great. But i get where your coming from in wanting one made instead of having to rig it together

:joy: Oops, sorry :roll_eyes: for that @tank :crazy_face:
opened multiple threads and confused between them… :rofl:

I own two of the PowerWave car chargers. Any word on what makes this better from roav?

I need a new cellphone mount. My CD slot doesn’t work well in my new to me car and I am about to buy another car and it doesn’t have a CD so I was thinking about going with a built in wireless charging source. But I don’t want a vent mount.