JerryRigEverything | Eufy Edition

JerryRigEverything just released a video on a security camera from our beloved eufy! In this video Zack does a tear down and preliminary review of the eufycam 2.

In the description of the video you will find some coupon codes for eufy security products.


Note: this video is sponsored by eufy. Zack reached out to eufy in hopes of a collaboration.

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Was just to post the same :laughing:

This should be interesting :hear_no_evil:

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US only discount code :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hmm, that’s weird. It doesn’t mention it anywhere in the video.

Lol at the sound the drill made

And that is exactly why you shouldn’t believe YouTubers.
They do anything for money or free goods.
Little to no research has gone into this video.
not mentioning anything like all the issues other people have been having with this company.
Where is my IFTTT