Is this normal?

Is this normal? Seriously… I just installed this thing and it seems to trigger on mine or my girlfriends tires all day… it’s a parked car! The light must bounce off of the wheels? It’s super annoying… I’ve tried turning down the sensitivity… and that doesn’t help, and I shouldn’t HAVE to. It’s a parked car! It’s not moving!

If resetting it it’s not a big deal I’d definitely try that and start from scratch

How shiny are those rims?

It keeps alerting on a human while looking at that car. And I see a window facing the car. Are you sure it isn’t someone moving around inside, their reflection catches on your rims and then the camera detects that?

I mean… I make it a point not to wash my car in an attempt to be lazy… so… not? Also it does if both for my Acura and my girlfriends BMW… so it’s not rim specific. Tech support told me to draw an ignore zone… genius… since cars don’t move. Oh. And only one ignore zone. Not big enough to cover both sets of tires, on either car.