Is this an Anker design copy?

@AnkerOfficial is this a blatant design theft of Anker or a generic design?

I was browsing through Amazon for powerbanks and did a search for Anker Astro3 and this came up as a result
Result link

Now this is exactly same design as Astro3, down to ports labels and specs.


Anker, sue them… you’ll make them dollars easily :joy:

thats literally copied!

I doubt its patent infringement but more of a licensed deal for the design and all electronics inside would be ankers. I have seen companies do this in order to bring certain products to the market faster. Take a look at Ankers ergonomic mouse, its very similar to two other no name companies and when asked about it Anker declined to comment…so I take it as its a licensing agreement for a set period of time


It may be a no name product from China, makes for whoever company (Anker or others) orders in bulk, their logo goes on it…
If that’s true, Anker should refrain from doing that, or it will damage the brand value for sure…

There is no way to control to all these look-alike products, mostly when these are produced in bulk and sold to multiple brands with names / no names. Some might have legitimate licensing deals, while some may just be basking in glory of others success. Consumers win for most part, with lower prices, but with no-name brands, there is also risk of product going bad or other ill effects

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I’m pretty sure you’re right. Plenty of companies do this already.

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There are so many fakes around.
There are Apple earpods sold at amazon.xx
which are obviously a fake and amazon.xx knows this.
But the keep these.

Oh yeah that’s easily exactly the same thing.

Looks like a copy of the style but at least they aren’t claiming to be anker

Another Chinese nock of does it explode :joy::joy:

That’s intertsting. As others have stated, they probably aren’t doing this illegally. I’m sure if everything isn’t on the up and up, anker will take the proper actions :wink:

That looks like an old unit.

The Chinese factory makes stuff for a lot of companies. Sometimes there is a crossover, but inside its proper Anker, whereas the other one will have its own proprietary bits!

I mentioned “likeness” in the recent discussions for the headphone surveys.

I just read a news from this company in China…
The company’s main product is to do security equipment, the loss last year exceeded 20 million rmb…:joy:

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We in England consider it bad luck, to celebrate the downfall of a competitor.

Just like you don’t wish bad on someone, cos it could back fire!