Is it Possible to Use Wireless Charging and USB Charging at the Same Time?

So our new to us 2018 Subaru Outback came fully loaded with Apple/Android Car play. Although you need to pair your device with Bluetooth car services you still need to connect your device to the installed powered USB port in the dash. These ports are low powered but will control car play.

Since it takes about 3 hours to charge my Note 8 via this method (not bad on a long trip, but sucks when needing a quick charge) I was wondering if its possible to get a wireless quick charge mount since it charges faster than the USB port and have the device charging from the mount and just connected to car play.

Is this possible, will damage my car/phone if I try this out?

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Pretty sure that wired charging is favored over wireless charging by most phones, so it would only charge using the wire.

I just tested using the iPhone, while connected to wired (used brand new lightening connector - connected to PC) placed the phone on wireless charging. I saw solid blue on the charging pad, but the iphone did not show as charging, and showed the security warning to unlock the phone to trust the USB accessory…

so wired charging takes precedence over wireless charging and only one source can charge the phone at a time… for iPhone. This is my observation as I tested on iPhone 8 with iOS 13

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I do this all the time in my wifes car, in her case wireless charging does enable and show as charging on her S9. But even when plugged in it still shows wireless charging, but the battery doesnt drain when using navigation like it does with just the wireless charging

is it true only for samsung or iphones as well? May be i will test again then

Sorry i dont have an iphone around right now to test, only have Samsung phones on hand roght now. But in about 2 weeks when the inlaws come i can try with their phone if soneone reminds me

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Thanks for answers @Tank @Shenoy I will look into purchasing a wireless car mount and see if it works.

I wonder if on of my home wireless pads would work for testing If I plug into one of my more powerful car chargers.

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sure, home wireless charging pad will work in car as long as ampere and voltage requirements are met. For most cases, these work. Only that if the car is in motion, phone may tilt / lose its place on the pad and stop charging :grinning:


Haha, I did that a long time ago. I used a rubber band to keep my phone in place. And also used velcro to keep it on my dash. I eventually replaced it with the anker wireless charger as it looks so much better and is more functional


Sounds interesting :ok_hand:

Will give it a try someday :wink:

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Go to settings and developer options

In there somewhere is a mode to change usb function to JUST data… I’m sure, but can’t remember where!..

Opens to this

Hopefully that does it for you?