Is it even possible to use eufyCams E completely offline?

Hi all,

one of the advantages of eufyCam E and its home base is that you can save your videos offline on the sdcard, or even use the Synology Surveillance Station. However, I noticed that the home base does not offer a web interface for configuration or live video.

Does this mean there is no way around an online eufy account and app usage? In other words: If Anker gets bought or bankrupt or just changes its product strategy and drops the app support for old products, we are all lost?!

best regards


It isn’t likely Anker will just disappear. But yes, if they stop offering the service and it doesn’t go to someone else then our cameras will be fairly useless. The same is true with the Arlo cameras, or dropcam, etc. Just a question of how likely you think that is to happen.