Is Anker planning to make USB Type C to MagSafe 2 cable

I researched on the internet and found that SlimQ released a USB Type-C to MagSafe 2 cable (works on MBA and MBP up to 60W).

Will Anker plan to make this as well?

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Thanks for sharing, interesting stuff!

Don’t think they will release such cables

Highly doubt they would put effort into a cable for a retired connection.

Hi @5V_1A, last September, Anker reportedly announced that it had plans to release a USB-C to MagSafe 2 cable. However, we have not heard anything since, and even the PowerLine USB-C to DC cable has undergone some substantial changes.

Originally, Anker said that it would be available in 6 and 10 foot lengths and multiple colors with up to 100W output at 20V.

Now, it seems as though it may only be available in black with a 6 foot length and maximum output of only 60W or 65W.

Bottom line: I wouldn’t count on it, but I say the same thing about most Anker announcements.

I think Anker will release it pretty soon.

Pretty cool :+1:

Right now Anker released USB-C to several laptop connector, but still no Apple MagSafe 2. Wonder when it would come out.