Indoor Cam used as baby monitor TIP: Quick acces to notifications.

I was dissapointed that I could not turn notifications on/off per device. As I want to use my Indoor 2K cam as a baby moinitor (cry detection is really good!). I also want to be able to turn off notifications just on my device or the device of a sitter / family who’s on duty.

I found a quick way to get into it using the Shortcuts app:

Create a new Shortcut. Name it what you want.

Add a url first. and use URL: prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID&

Then add the Open URL action.

Choose a Glyph and colr and add to home screen. This way you can enable discable notifications off the camera fast and easy.

Hope this helps someone and inspire Anker to develop device based settings.

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Glad you were able to find a workaround :+1:

Thanks for the tip