In theory one must be better

This is question about choosing a power bank for my Anker 21w solar panel (which has two USB-A outputs which I hope you know because I think I need some Anker informed techies here). So I’m looking at one of two general ideas for power banks. I could buy one that has two microUSB inputs which might? actually assist the charging process from the solar panel because the panel has two USB outputs allowing both cables to be used. Of course the solar panel divides whatever energy it has between the two outputs anyway and at first glance the tech science says there would be no advantage in using two cables instead of one HOWEVER if a techie looked at this longer might they say there is a chance that two cables could actually be better than one due to some factors here? So that’s the first power bank option and the other option is to buy a USB-C input power bank and plug it into the solar panel using whatever USB-C to USB-A cable that might work best. And of course the bank would not benefit from USB-C charge speeds here but perhaps there is bank with that kind of input that appears to be a faster charging bank for whatever reasons in this situation. So that’s the big question thank you all for jotting down your different ideas, arguments, agreements, guesses, suggestions and etceras and hopefully giving me some material to help me think about which bank to buy.