IFTTT support: confusing statements from Eufy

I really wish if there is an option to retro the original homebase with new features like HomeKit
@AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial this will satisfy lot of original eufycam backers and make your customers come back.

Thanks for this thread. Hey Anker. I, as I’m sure most other Ring users, have large investments in both the equipment and the subscriptions. I’m VERY eager and motivated to move away from the subscription model, and have local storage, but I need help. To replace my Ring Spotlight cams, and my doorbells is another large investment. While your products are reasonably priced, there’s no real payoff for moving away from the subscription. 5 years or more? So another incentive is needed. IFTTT support is one of those incentives. Ring offers us some very basic ones, such as being able to key off of motion detection, then I can use SmartThings or whatever for the TTT part, and I do. Offering this is merely necessary to compete, and still doesn’t provide much incentive vs investment. Show us that YOU are invested in your product by offering what you said you would, and continuing to improve on the product in a timely manner. (how about offload to NAS, or an open API?). Do that, and you’ll have more customers. …waiting.


I created an account just to ask if/when ifttt support will be coming. As I just preorder the new cameras and will be canceling the orders if there’s no plans in the very near future of implementing ifttt support. As I find your “its still the plan, we’re evaluating it” is a very contradictory statement, and on top of that, you now haven’t responded in almost 2 years to this post. Ifttt support is an absolutely massive deal. And I really can’t understand how you can be successful in adding HomeKit support, but not ifttt


Well, I have a Homebase. A few days ago eufy pushed a new firmware update to the system, which seems to include IFTTT support.

If I open up the eufy app on my iPhone, and go to Security - Homebase screen, I see a new “Automation” page. Clicking on it allows me to set up combinations with different products (like start the eufy camera is eufy motion sensor is triggered). Unfortunately I don’t have a separate motion sensor yet. But I might get one just to try it…

So I guess eufy has been working on this in the background… and it has already been released.


Not IFTTT, but a eufy proprietary solution. Also not available in the EufyHome app…

Just bought two days ago a Battery DoorBell with HomeBase2. All around a good product. But no API to speak of, meaning no Smartthings, Hubitat, IFTTT. I dont want to have to be cuffed to an App to control my stuff, I want to call out Alexa or script my automation solution. I ve opened a ticket to find out what the answer is, if not they going back. @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial


This is unbelievable. There is neither IFTTT nor Smartthings support? On top of that, tons of users on the forums here inquiring about it? Ugh. After getting this gear installed (Eufy Doorbell Cam) I’m getting that sinking feeling … @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial what gives? Your documentation and communications all have IFTTT clearly indicated.

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I also have just bought wired doorbell and floodlight camera from US to Indonesia… Everything is working fine… But I’ve just found that it has no IFTTT support… It really disappointment right now…

Please eufy to IFTTT support…!!!

I really want to automate the doorbell to the nest hub… When the doorbell rang, the camera automatically stream live to some of the nest hub/display.

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I’m a bit irritated by this. I have just got the Eufy battery Video doorbell and really impressed with it.
However as I have google home it doesn’t ring the speakers, but IFTTT would fix this as far as I am aware. It is all over their boxes why don’t they deliver?

Dear Support

about 2 years after your launch you don’t provide a documented api for advanced users who want’s to integrate the eufy cam and homebase with there home automation solution

Please give us an offical update : is it still on your roadmap or not ? if yes when ?



Really is frustrating that I love these eufy cameras so much and was a kickstarter supporter as well.
I have 5 cameras and want to further invest in Eufy equipment but refuse to until there is support for SmartThings. At this point it is a second tier solution if you can’t time into your home automation in 2020…

Please @AnkerSupport tell us where this is on your product roadmap. It is not an unreasonable ask at this point.


Im pretty sure Anker decided not to include IFTTT not because its hard to implement but because IFTTT charges for businesse plans. So at the end of the day, Anker decided its cheaper to piss off a few customers than to include the feature

Of course they don’t want to come out and say that hence the silence

At least you can automate things with Cron and the Eufy JSON api:

Another disappointed user here. Where’s IFTTT support?

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It’s probably not coming…

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I agree. But as a hearing impaired person, I NEED flashing light notifications and IFTTT would do the trick nicely since I already use it for everything else.

Completely Agree !!
The IFTTT support is extremely important to synchronize the differents ecosystems in a house (Alarm, lighting, …)
I’m satisfied with the camera, but I’m hardly thinking to buy new ones to have this IFTTT support
too bad …

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Make sure your next camera have IFTTT support

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So they still haven’t implemented IFTTT.

I just bought about $500 worth of cameras, going to return them all because I lost confidence with this company.

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You can easily get IFTTT to trigger any notification produced by Eufy devices through IFTTT by using Android Notifications coming specifically from the Eufysecurity app.

You just use specific words in the notification (eg, ‘Frontdoor_motion’) - and these words are what you have named the specific Eufy sensor - or have fixed Eufy names.

You turn on ‘push notifications’ in each Eufy sensor to activate the feature - and ‘Allow notifications’ in the Eufy settings in Android.

For example I use ‘Frontdoor_motion’ to send me an SMS warning that the Eufy motion sensor has been triggered.

Likewise I have a Eufy window/door sensor on my ‘Front_security_door’ - and any notification with those words will have IFTTT trigger an eWelink event and switch on a Sonoff wi-fi device connected to a really loud siren - because the Eufy siren is useless. IFTTT will also SMS me that the siren has been activated so I can take any appropriate action. (I use the IFTTT Pro version as it gives me up to 20 apps).