If you had to go into Hospital with Covid-19 - what would you take?

If only it was tuberculosis instead.


Well I didn’t get ill with the bug. Exact opposite, I felt strong and bored and fat and went on lovely bike ride

And fell off my bike, no reason other than my own stupidity.

I got home and felt a very intense pain in arm so gathered my hospital stuff. I took my Powercore 20000 PD and my phone, a USBC cable for phone, two Soundcore Slim buds and a MicroB cable, some cash, keys. I didn’t know how long I’d be in for. Turned out so many are avoiding the hospital I had no waiting, saw 6 medical staff and out in an hour.

Look at the pretty colours.

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Great photos @professor
How’s the arm feeling today?

I’m trying to avoid painkiller addiction via not taking the meds 4 hours a day, only for bedtime, so spent most of the day in agony with the slightest movement.

Hopefully I’m less stupid next time.

Just now taken pills and easing for the night.

But for hospitals now, if you go in you may not come out for weeks, so enter with that in mind. I did think of fitting a PowerPort mini in my small carrying bag, but UK version is huge so figured 20000mAh should suffice til I can get anything else I need.

I have spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting mostly but also as patient and the boredom is worst thing, so my phone has 256GB storage and is full of MP4 files and unlimited 4G, the people who above say they’d take their charger don’t really know how difficult it is to have wires, you really need a two day Powercore which recharges in a few hours and ask for it be plugged into charger every couple of days for a few hours. You’d often have so many tubes attached you can’t really move and staff don’t want a non medical cable in their way.


I’m with you on the painkillers, but for something like that I find half the dose at the prescribed intervals keep the worst at bay. It doesn’t do the body any harm to feel it’s pain.

A friend of mine was in hospital yesterday for regular cancer appointments and said it was surreal, extremely quiet and she could actually get parked for a change.

If you keep breaking yourself perhaps you need one of these as an emergency tech bag.

I limit myself to this:

The reason yesterday was one handed, so put this front on side of good arm, I can’t put it down to lose and it comes away one handed

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Best to travel light.
The bag I got covers planned trips, holidays etc.
I can chuck it in the car and have everything I need when I get where I’m going.
What you have seems great for the day out or emergency departure. I’m might investigate something smaller like that to carry enough as a “get out of trouble” pack.

I have traveled extensively and I ended up carrying 3 zones:

  • on my person , usually I.D.
  • a small bag like above to survive a non-outdoors overnight
  • backpack to then last indefinately.

As I’d broken my arm the backpack was out.

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Oops. I’m still stupid.

@Shenoy reminded me.

wow really old discussion but yeah I would go light as possible so just my phone and a wall plug that’s about it. Less to pack and to sanitize


Well I ended up 3 nights in hospital and the wall sockets are well away from the bed. I’d say both a large Powercore to survive a long time from the wall, and a wall charger, is best overall.

Once Anker came out with the Nano, it became a must-have (for me at least). The debate is if Powercore and it’s capacity.

My first A&E stop after out of ambulance, I looked for power socket, look how far away. I’d say 6-10 feet behind me, and so I have to “shuttle” power via wall socket to Powercore to phone and back.

I suggest a large Powercore to handle long time without power, and a long Powerline to handle line time near a power socket, and a Nano.

I know this thread is the virus so hospital patients will feel ill and not want to do much, I only had a broken leg and so felt well and just not moving much so it was keeping my mind busy. Different challenge but suspect a common core (charger, cable, powerbank).

Proximity and quantity of wall sockets implies you probably need to keep on your person a 20Ah Powercore to handle day+ with no power and then a desk charger to get to 11ft total distance (c8 5ft cord + 6ft C cable).

While we individually have a low probability of such needs, if we add our local friends, families, neighbours, etc, having this to hand is probably a good idea.

I spent total 36 hours with compromised access to power and yet with phone+buds frequent use.

Add model zero to the mix and have a great time :partying_face:

I don’t think the guy with the broken ribs in next bed would have liked it.

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I dunno how I missed this this thread seeing I went to the hospital earlier this year for covid symptoms. Thankfully for me it was just a viral infection at the time and just recently the flu. Also with my knee surgery, but in all cases I just brought my Powercore + 10k and that kept my phone charged each time


Yes indeed!

When I was in the hospital last year, my comrade was from the same type I am.
Very both very regardful.
Both recovering from surgery, so we know how to care about each other.

Never do disturb your hospital neighbor by anything which is not of really need.
Not asking when using the loo of course.

But as he spend a lot of time when showering he asked me if he could do.
So we stayed friends, even now.

So that was a planned from home to hospital visit? Well that’s easy to precisely go with exactly what you needed.

You only had the 10Ah or that plus a charger?

I had an emergency road to ambulance to hospital episode and had Nano + 10Ah with me. Before that i had a home to hospital episode and went just with 20Ah.

Folding pins on a Nano in USA would be good for hitting the road and not getting two short parallel holes in you. :face_with_head_bandage: in UK the pins are less sharp.

by time I got to the ward I had family drop off my Sony wh-1000xm3 ANC headphones to complement the Slim wired buds. When I wanted to sleep I put the over-ear on, the nurses had no qualms taking my blood pressure with me “asleep”.

Of course the new Q30 would be up for everyone’s consideration :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t suggest we all pack leaving the house every day for a hospital visit, nor keep a hospital bag packed at home. I’m just floating to think a little about it so if it happens you’ve got it thought through.

I always leave the house for a long day, usually just a Powercore.

Fortunately, I’m not hospitalized but I’m separated from my family in another room in the house for having tested positive. I brought with me the most essential Anker devices


You’re tested positive?

Hope you get a light symptoms Daisy.

Yes a Powerport, Powercore, buds are the core minimum.

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