Ideas For New Eufy Security Features

I have a list of a couple things that Eufy Security should definitely have and then a list of things that Eufy Security should have but are not as important.

Very important:

  1. 2 Factor Authentication. This is ridiculous that we do not already have 2 Factor Authentication in the Eufy Security App. Anker/Eufy is there a reason that we don’t have this?

  2. IFTTT support. Again why would we not have this? Things need to work together. No I’m not talking about the “automation” tab in the Eufy Security App. I mean actually supporting IFTTT in which other brands can work with Eufy.

  3. In the Settings of the Eufy Security App you should definitely be able to choose to have your cameras continue to record motion during a live view. This means that if there is a motion event and you open up the live view the camera should continue to record the whole motion event. The camera should not stop recording after you initiate a live view.

Minor things that should be in the Eufy Security App:

  1. Button to talk through a multiple cameras at the same time. Basically pick a few cameras to put them in a “group” and have to option to talk/yell through all of those cameras at the same time.

  2. Button to sound the siren on multiple cameras at the same time. Same concept. Put the cameras you choose in a “group” and be able to sound the siren at the same time on them.

  3. Multi-Camera viewing. Once again same concept as before. Put a few cameras in a “group” and watch them at the same time.

  4. Get rid of the “explore” tab in the Eufy Security app. Anker/Eufy I would like you to remember that this is a Security App not a marketing app. Go make a Eufy Store app or something if you want a marking app. Leave the pop-up ads and “explore” tab out of the Eufy Security app.

That’s all I can think of for now. I encourage Anker/Eufy to look at this and consider all of these ideas. I can promise you that adding some if not all of these features or taking away the explore thing will add a lot of value to the Eufy Security App and to Eufy Security products.

Thank you for you for listening to your customers! I hope to see some of these features in the near future!