I Designed a Laptop Dock with Anker Type-C Hub to Avoid Dealing with Cables

Simply drop it in, held by gravity.
Two Type-C hubs with DAC connected to speakers.
Never deal with cables again when you want to connect to monitors and other accessories.


Great job with the wall mount. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice setup. Not sure if I would have the patience to slow doc my laptop. I’m working on a similar system for my office. I’ve got 3 noteboks and a desktop at my desk and I use them almost everyday so its get annoying switching cables and moving things around at my desk.

My pleasure.

Thanks. You have even more reasons to build one as you have 3 laptops to “dock”!
It really saves my tons of time on the long term.

Thanks to the ease of use, I’m more likely to be mobile, or sit down to enjoy dual monitors.

Nice video and great set up. You are crafty :+1:

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Wow! This is incredible! I have a problem with having my desk full of dongles and hubs because I only have two usb-c ports on my laptop as well. Keep up the good work!

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There are docks on the market that can help but I found them too expensive and I could totally make one myself :smiley:

Thanks. I try.