How to permanently link Sound Flare 2

Hello all! :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought a pair of Sound Flare 2 speakers. I figured out how to pair them together. But when I switch them off, they loose their paring. This defeats the purpose of why I bought them (to have one on the first floor and the other on the second floor.

Can anyone tell me how I should proceed to link them permanently? If this isn’t possible, I will have to return them as they would be of no use to us…


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do you get the same issue when the two speakers are standing very close together?
May the distance of the speakers could disturb the bt connection.

@JFHeroux Are both Flare 2 speakers using the same firmware? If not update both to the same firmware and try a fresh pairing of both speakers.

If you get the same behaviour on another device and/or are still having issues after trying another device and checking firmware you would be best reaching out to for further assistance under your warranty.


I don’t own so can’t help much but read others’ experience.

In addition to the excellent guidance above, when you delete the pairings on your source device, do not pair the remote 2nd speaker with the 1st, pair the 1st with source (e.g. phone) and the 2nd only with the 1st but not the source. That way there’s no accidental other connections misfiring.

I’ve read some people are pairing both speakers with a phone then breaking the 2nd speaker with phone to connect with the 1st speaker, but on power off/on the 2nd speaker is then attempting to connect back with the phone and gives up. If a 2nd speaker is purely for daisy-chaining off the 1st, then only set up as only that.

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Firmware on both had been updated as this is the first thing I thought of. No change.

Will try what is suggested here, including getting in touch with tech support if needed.

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I have a few of the flare 2s, and have always unpaired them before turning them off.

I had thought they’d have stayed paired through partycast until you unpaired.

Guess I’ll have some fun this weekend and see if I can duplicate. Hope you don’t mind waiting until sat for confirmation?

Although I only had my flares for a few months I never had any issues with them paired up I’d contact support. Let us know what they have to say.

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I tried today to have the partycast mode stick when I turned them off. Unfortunately it didn’t stick. Once I turned them off, and turned them back on I had to repair.

On the plus side, I’ve figured how to pair in partycast mode easily, as prior attempts to today were often frustrating.

Key is to only have one flare 2 paired with your device, power it on first, power second on. Press Bluetooth button and hold, on first one, until it turns white, do same with second one.

Main will be blinking white, secondary and subsequent ones will be solid.

I’m sure you are already proficient with the partycast. I had thought if you didn’t reverse the proces they’d stay in party mode when turned off. They don’t :disappointed:

I would suggest to start the connection of two speakers (TWS or partycast) first without involving the bt source, that means they should be really switched off…
When the speakers are connected the master could be connected with the bt device. (Thats the one which is blinking)

Btw : I own two Flares (TWS) when I switch both on they are connecting automatically in TWS mode and the master connects to the bt device.
No probs.