How to Apply a dbrand Anker PowerCore Skin



dbrand has just uploaded a few video tutorials demonstrating how to install its all-new skins for Anker’s PowerCores… Check them out below!

Have you ordered a dbrand skin for your PowerCore? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


I just want to know if the PowerCore 13000 c skin will fit on my PowerCore 13000 :rage:


I haven’t bought a dbrand skin because I don’t own a Powercore yet


Any PowerCore? Or just a compatible one?

If the former, you’re missing out!


Totally agree. At least get the 3350…


Nooo :man_facepalming:


Why you hate? No USB-c?

Anyway, I really like it. It fits in my pocket easily and gives me an extra charge :+1:


I’ve been to not have the need for one. I know it’s convenient to recharge your phone on the good but this phone’s battery lasts me almost all day


I love the installation videos. Well done. Looks like an easy install.


Probably not. they have different l.e.d. status lights don’t they?

NM I was thinking of the Nintendo switch version with the wheel.

They almost have the same dimensions 3.8×3.1 the non type c is 0.1 inches thicker but this is probably an error as it looks like the same case and cells are used.

Almost everything will fit perfectly except the end sticker by the ports, the type c port cutout will be slightly off but nothing an exacto blade and very steady hand can’t handle.

I’d say go for it.

Hopefully the skins sell well and they expand their product line to cover more Anker products.


Thanks for your help! I don’t think I’ll get end covers anyway… I like it better without :wink:


Ooh. Btw, did you ever get around to that liberty air case project?


Not yet, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a bucket of cool mini skulls or something similar but it would look cool painted then covered in skulls with the color peeking through the gaps🤔

I wish I knew how to engrave that would be cool


This is what YouTube is for :joy:


Lol, I guess I meant wish I had the artistic ability to engrave a cool design.


They look great to be fair but to say “You probably won’t remember all those steps” in the video is a bit cheeky lol.




I agree, The design especially on the new Powercores is very nice but looks better with a little color pop and scratch protection. I think skins would also slightly decrease the chances of it being picked up buy a passer-byer with sticky fingers.


Think they should do a bundle. Like 3 for £20 or something. We’ve all got so many different models of Powercores. They seem to add more models.
Powercore 10000
Powercore lite 10000
Powercore 20000 PD

Plus more