How do I download video clips?

Just like the title says, I have video clips on my homebase and wanna download them so that I can view them on a computer with a proper resolution screen, run the clips through video enhancement software, etc. I can’t find the download option anywhere and also can’t find an instruction manual for the app anywhere and since there apparently is no Win10 version of the app yet so I can view camera footage on a screen fit for a human without using an emulator as a go between…

Hi @Shades you would need to download the footage using a phone or tablet with the EufySecurity app installed. Select the clip in question and you will have a download option on the bar at the bottom of the app.

For Android it will save to a EufyVideoDir on your local storage, for iOS is will save to camera roll. Once downloaded you can connect your phone to your Windows computer and transfer like you would a hard drive.

So this doesn’t work with BlueStacks?

To be honest I do not know if the Eufy app is compatible under Bluestacks. You could check with

The app works in BlueStacks but I see no download video option anywhere. What menus would it be under?

Should show on the clip you are wanting to download…

For me I only see the delete option, no others.