HomeKit Support for Security System

That is, the keypad, motion sensor, and door sensors

Hey @w0dinga
Not sure i fully understand the statement, would you like to elaborate?
If its who you contact for support, that would be support@eufylife.com

Let me clarify. I’d like HomeKit support for the motion sensors, and door sensors

You repeated the original words but on the repeat you omitted the keypad.

Anker makes a huge range of products so being as precise as possible, the product codes helps.

Good luck :+1:

I’m referring to all the pieces of the Eufy 5-piece home alarm kit. https://www.eufylife.com/products/variant/5piece-home-alarm-kit/T8990121

It would be nice to be able to have the door sensors, motion sensors, and keypad in HomeKit.