Homekit notifies on motion every 5 Minutes with eufyCam 2C

Hi here,

My eufyCam 2C is configured for homekit. Last evening Homekit started to notify me on motion events almost exactly every 5 minutes. The EufyApp did not detect any motion. In HomeKit Streaming and Recording is set to streaming when home and absent. Notifications are configured to send notifications on Motion only. I don’t have HSV enabled on this camera.

This is really annoying…does onyone as any hint why this suddenly started to happen?

Thanks a lot,


I am having the same issue, any chance you found a solution?

No not yet. But I believe it may be related to an update (1.6.6) I got one day before. I changed nothing else in the configuration. If I find the time I am going to re-add the camera to Homekit to see if the problem still persists. Just disabling/reanabling notifications for this cam did not help to solve the issue

Just setup a new eufy2c set of cams with homekit integration and getting exactly the same issue - homekit notifications every few minutes, no notification in eufy sec app. I can point one of the cams at a static image and still get the homekit false notifications.

I assume this has worked on previous firmware versions otherwise this integration is worthless. Can we somehow get this fixed urgently!!

Hi. Same issue here. Installed a brand new set of 2c cameras yesterday. They work just fine with the eufy app. But I want to use the built in motion sensor to trigger my outdoor light with Apple HomeKit. But it turns on every few minutes and I get a message each time, that a motion was detected.
A solution would be much appreciated.

Same annoying issue with a brand new set of 2c cameras here too. I do not receive a message, but the action is triggered almost every 5 minutes. Both cameras are triggering the event “motion detected” almost at the same time although being at opposite sides of the garden.

A solution would be very much appreciated.

I talked to the customer service this morning. The problem should be fixed at short notice