Help with: Anker Wireless Chargers Bundle, PowerWave Pad & Stand Upgraded, Qi-Certified, 7.5W

hi, I recently bought the combo pad and stand wireless charger. I have a new Iphone 11 and I am getting blinking blue light with the stand and nothing at all with the pad.

I am very curious whether I am using a certified wall plug although according to the manual, I believe that would be a blinking green light. The blinking blue light is supposed to be the indicator for metal detected or interference. Although I am getting this even without a case and with the back completely clean.

The Wall plug I am using is this one:

Quick Charge 3.0, FONKEN 18W 3A USB Wall Charger QC 2.0/3.0

any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I love Anker products and would not like to return it.

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Hi @Scott_Joiner
Shame you’re having issues with the charger.
Normally a flashing blue light indicates it knows a device is in position but there could be an obstruction as you’ve mentioned.
It worth playing the game of ruling out each component in the charging set up.
I would start with trying a different phone.
Reboot your phone.
Disconnect the charge pad for a few minutes.
Try a different lead.
Try a different charger.
The above have helped out most who have had problems.
If they all fail you could contact the company your purchased the item from or contact Anker who are more than helpful at

Let me know how the testing goes :+1:t2:

Simple meaning of blue LED on Anker Wireless charging devices

Some things to try :

  • Make sure that you are using an AC adapter with an output of 2A or more

  • Make sure that your phone is placed on the center of the wireless charging surface

  • If your phone is in a case, make sure that the case is no thicker than 5 mm (may not apply to you)

  • Remove any obstructions between the back of the phone and the charging surface, like keys, credit cards, or other metal objects (may not apply to you)

  • Try using a different cable

  • Restart your phone and try again