Help please! Sound core mini + Microphone . Is this combination enough to amplify my voice?

Hello everyone! I have bought SoundCore Mini and i want to know that can i attach a microphone to amplify my sound to address mass or anything like that? I have bought digitek laveliar microphone for this purpose. More details in image. Is there any way to make it possible. There are many smart member hope i could get some solution.


Hey @whyaneed29abtme
Great little speaker :+1:t2:
I’m not familiar with using the aux input on my Soundcore speaker but feel the best way you’ll find out is by plugging the mic in and giving it a whirl.

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@professor can help in this regard!

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Give it a try but I doubt will work.

I think what will happen is the sound input will stop as it assumes from aux.

A splitter may work to merge in your audio source with the microphone?

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I would like to tell you that i dont know much about this, Splitter has to be bought seperately?

What happens when you try this now?

I’m 80% sure the Aux on this is 2 pin and you’ve got a 3 pin in the photo. The metal band nearest to the plastic in the microphone so it won’t be used. You’d need something like a 1 pin microphone which is used as stereo left.

Don’t buy anything find someone with a box of old cables and adapters and play. You could try taking an old wired headphones, old wired microphone, cut the wires and twist them together until you get them to work.


I just tested this out with my lavalier microphone and, unfortunately, it does not work.

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I tried but that does not work. Im going to see some on you tube.

Yeah! It did not work.