my anker A7726 ultra-compact blututhe keyboard is not working properly. when i press a it acts as tab then proceeds to put 34343434343 for ever intill i press backspace witch puts a / s does the same, d puts four repetingly 44444444444, f space shift and al the bottom row keys do nothing g do nothing, h y and j puts yjh, k puts ]k, l n m , . / u i o and p is normal, ; and ’ is [;’ , enter is normal the f6 key puts ]k the f7 key puts l f8 does nothing but bring up the volume the mute and volume down butten do what there suposed to do f11 does nothing f12 too and delete and thats all the keys exept esc witch does the same as a PLEASE HELP

Does it show the same behavior when connected to another computer?

idk i cant check i dont have another pc /laptop

Is there no a neighbor :smiley:?
I know I am old styled, but I keep always two laptops (mirrored)
These I use are old ones, so someday there will be an exitus of the one I am using.
BUT : No problem, I take the other one and try to get the first one back to life again.
I never failed!

@Nooblap3 What device / OS are you running?

having a very similar problem. J types yj and y types yj L semi colon types [; and backspace types. I’ve replaced batteries and reconnected to bluetooth.

Hmm I wonder if there is a way to reset it

windows ten laptop

If its the very famous Windows :grin: you should install the bt driver of the manufacturer of your bt card instead of the default bt driver given by MS.