Happy 5th Anniversary

Well, I figured someone should at least say it and at least make a note on it.

As far as I can tell the celebrations of it seems to get pushed back each year. I think on some old threads the site started in September of 2016 give or take.

I find that I joined about several months later in 2017.

For me, the community was a release to deal with the passing of my mother. I eventually did comment but it took a bit to work up to it.

What initially got me here was a Facebook ad and a contest for 1 of 300 spirit x. My initial thought was that was a lot to giveaway and what kind of a company was doing that

As I looked at the products lines, I thought what an interesting line of tech. But I think it was reading community conversations kept me coming back . I will say at times, I do drift back here to my old habits of just reading at times.


Yes 13th September 2016


If you scroll down in earliest-members-first link above the ones still active is Ryan. Dez, …


Great words!! Happy 5 years, community!


Ryan is the “old chieftain” here.
13/09/2016! :laughing:



I came onboard Oct 16, 2016 :grinning:
Happy 5th

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That’s for recognizing the 5th anniversary of the community, @Duane_Lester!
Although the community may not be as active as it once was, I really like the close group of friendships we have formed. :smile:


Of course we are active Ryan.
The few ones here left are more than a “close-knit community.”:grin:
I like the expression “close-knit”.
Hope its not wrong, I found it in the dictionary.


Crazy that it’s been five years happy anniversary/birthday of the community to all.

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Happy anniversary to the friendships we have formed here. While the community isosrly dead, I hope our small group of friends can remain active and and involved as we have been :+1: