Happy 4th Anniversary | Exclusive Giveaway Inside!

@TheDude - Which number are you referring to?

Well best of luck to ya Dude

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Wow its climbing btw

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I was hoping for 24! I see you @TheDude

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Darn it you beat me


Anyone else actually look at the number 4 in chinese meaning? Seems to be super unlucky yet we want to have a post with it in it to win…:joy:

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@AnkerOfficial can there be a 0 as the first number?

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Don’t they usually jump once a day and announce winners? Think they did that before.


No one wants to risk moving this forward?

Happy 4th Birthday :slight_smile:

Gad to be here

Maybe I can get one of these #4 posts!

Ahhh, maybe not.

Glad i mean

#HappyBirthdayCommunity 4

#happybirthday Community

Wait… what happened…

Grats, good luck.