Giveaway: Linus Tech Tips Limited Edition Liberty 2 Pro

Over on the soundcore collective you can enter win a set of Linus Tech Tips Limited Edition Liberty 2 Pro:

If you haven’t signed up for the collective yet now’s a great time to do so here! Note if you use that link I get some extra credit over there. If you don’t want to help me get extra credit then you can use this link instead.

Good luck everyone!


On the other hand, that contest already has over 3000 entries, and new people are posting on there at a rate of several per minute. Not sure where it got posted, but the odds of winning are rapidly approaching 0.

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LTT is a pretty big channel so I assume from him. I think he has close to or over 9million subs

I think it’s over 9m. That’s crazy. 9m people watch videos of him on a daily basis.

Great idea to share it here, so people who don’t go to the soundcore collective will get a chance to enter.

Oh and btw the referrals links don’t count if the person signing up already had an anker community account.

Good idea to post here for those who don’t regularly check in on the Collective @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy :slightly_smiling_face:

This :arrow_up:

Well in 8 hours there has already been 4000 entries which gives each person who entered a 0.025% chance of winning with 27 more days to go.

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This thread has posts may be more than the whole collective forum :rofl:

Probably :crazy_face::joy:

Anker’s most comment post 3.6k

Soundcore’s most commented post 4.1k (and rising)

Well 2 years of comments on Anker’s top commented post gets overtaken in less than 8 hours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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LOL :rofl: Testing the site it seems

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Technically, in it to win it!

Practically, just amused by how much moderation work they created for themselves without a moderator team in place while everyone is on vacation.

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Unless it’s a test to see which users are trying to be proactive :wink:

But yes, it seems a misstep linking a giveaway on a YouTubers channel with 9+million subs and have a good chunk of the ‘crew’ on vacation :blush:

two to three such events and we can expect Soundcore collective to overtake Anker Community… but this is a useless boost, people just posting to get a freebie and few ( i mean very very few) users will return

Yea it was funny looking at the post I usually scroll to the bottom to reply to posts and i started realizing it was taking forever to scroll down and all the posts had first post flags lol

Is there even a reason we should enter the contest. I bet many of these new users never come back…

Should’ve posted your link in both :joy::joy:

9million inactive users



Really looking forward to this step up in sound quality.

I think your calculations were off. The are giving 10 away. So I think it would change that from .025% to .25%. Lol way better odds. Butttt it is now 8800. So your odds are about .11%. I have to say good luck to all and if you win then I say go play the lottery. Lol

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Put me in Coach!