Give Us Your Christmas Spirit | Get Christmas Cheer! 🥳

I think for Christmas I would bring the gallery feature that used to be on the Soundcore community to the Anker community. Even if there are no points associated with it I think it would be so cool to see photos some people take of their products.

I also think an Anker Christmas podcast would be cool where they tell us about Anker have guests of people who work in the company and give us inside to how product ideas were formed and things we might expect in the future


As king for the day, I would do a giveaway that shows the Christmas spirit of giving to others. The"winners" of the giveaway via Google forms would be able to select which community member they shall give provide a gift to. Since Christmas should be about giving, instead of receiving :slight_smile: The “winners” could be anyone that is above a certain level on the community (5?) so that their would be a less chance of them manipulating of the contest due to being a longer member of the community. Then maybe the people that are able to receive that said gift would have to be ones that had enter via Google forms (no level restriction).


I don’t understand this.

How do you prevent someone giving to themselves? Is that why you suggested a minimum level so they can’t give to their other self?

So this community copies the ideas from Soundcore community?

Yeah, you would expect someone who has been around on the forum longer would respect the rules and not create fraudulent account(s).


I would say a higher level though. Whenever Anker did some kind of contest like that (level based) they went for either 7 minimum (T-Shirt) or 13 or so (backpack)

Anker historically honoured active members via a holiday gift so best to not reward twice.

Anker historically likes new members as without them as old members lose interest you get refresh to keep here going so they tend to not like minimum level competition. Example was the mystery number competition where a L0 was in winners.

Also historically anything based on likes or quantity of entries causes fake many accounts.

Hence why I like talent based events as it forces real people to float to the top regardless of level. The scary story and the best birthday events were talent based.

If the challenge is lack of judges then pick some members to be judges ideally in confidence so they don’t get bullied. One way to pick judges is from recent winners as they shouldn’t really win again soon anyway.

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Right! Forgot about that L0 event. But in case of that idea, I would say 7 would be better because 5 still has newer members


I’ll be perfectly honest - I have not gone through all the posts here so if what I suggest is a repeat please accept my apologies. But How about a “Give and Get” giveaway. Two identical items, one for someone special and the other for yourself. The catch being that you have to tell a heartwarming story about something you’ve done for others, or something the special someone has done to deserve recognition and a little treat.


There are some good idea already posted. I better come up with something good lol

For Christmas I would love to see everyone design a product they need or want and then incorporate it into their Christmas decorations and post a picture.

Each user would be judged on a point system based off different criteria. Points are assessed from 1 to 5 based on these criterias:

  • Style
  • Uniqueness of Concept.
  • Originality.
  • Clarity of Expression.
  • Humor.
  • Creativity.
  • Innovative Means of Delivering Message.
  • Entertainment Quality.

Makes sense to go a little higher.

Understand your point. Could make it those above level 7 get to select those who receive a gift and that maybe those selection would have to be under 7 level.

Very true. Someone would have be very creative & dedicated to make fake accounts for that.

We seem to be focused on prizes, so selfish gain, so I’m going to take a step back.

I’d like to suggest that members propose charities and the voted most liked by all member above a certain level is given a donation. Or a competition where the winner picks the charity.

As this is an international forum I suggest:

  • Anker picks a handful of global charitable funds
  • Anker runs a competition or a vote where there is no prize for the winner but the winner or votes picks the charity from the above list.
  • the winner may get something nominal but not large.
  • the competition / vote can be anything but as the competition winner does not personally benefit (other than possible minor) then it’s purely a sense of fun.
  • you have an example competition from me above and a couple from others.

If Anker likes this then the steps are;

  • get a list of global charities. You need ones you can donate to from where you operate.
  • create a competition
  • run the competition
  • the winner selects the charity.

If Anker wants help, I’d happily help offline via PM and happily be barred from the competition, as I’ve won plenty from Anker through 2020 and can donate time as a neutral resource.

It would be a fitting end of 2020 to spend time not seeking personal gain.

If you were to hand me personally this problem then I’d probably;

  • ask from Anker from where they can donate. USA?
  • I’d draw up a list of (non political) charities in that country.
  • I’d run a poll to get a preferred list
  • I’d run a competition. I’d probably ask the most recent 12 winners to agree to bury a secret message in the forum for a week
  • the winner picks the charity
  • Anker pays the charity.

Given I know Anker has a fixed budget, we’d have to forego prizes for a period (week to month).

I’m quite confident if Mr Yang saw this, he’d agree.


I couldnt have said it any better. While free things are nice giving to others is always better and Christmas is all about giving

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I was thinking something along the lines of a March madness bracket… 4 divisions, for the four of the anker brands (maybe roav, eufy, anker and soundcore). Each of the brands selects 4 products for their line up of offerings and a randomized draw sets forth the bracket.

Would have to be mindful to not have the brand items go head to head until the second or third round.

Where we’d get participation from the community would be two fold. Initially would ask each interested community member to select their bracket based on which product was slotted where, and submitted through google docs.

Each week would entail the second part of the community engagement… whereas members would chose who they’d think would win via a poll question.

A randomizer can be used to generate the winner of the match up and on we go to the next round. Would potentially see 4 matchups each week first round as to not drag it out for too long…

If you had selected right, you stay in the bracket, if you don’t, your not out but have a reduced chance to win at the end.

Prizing could be graduated for value as rounds progress, and have for top 3 each round. Something small the first round, and should somebody make all rounds correct, a nicer item, possibly the branded item that wins the bracket?

Randomizing the battle would keep things interesting, and google docs would keep record of members guesses. Would need a deadline to enter, and could only enter once.

I would hope the fake accounts would not cause issues, but maybe level 5 and up? Or a fee of power bucks to be able to put in an entry…

Phew… thanks if you made it this far in reading…:wink:

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Personally, I would say that based on the popularity of prior giveaways, hosting one that allows the winners to be able to choose their product based on a set dollar amount. It doesn’t necessarily have to be just a random one, but one that makes you work for it. We all “love” the random number ones (I truly do mean that, they are a lot of fun for everyone), but the popularity of the “find the product” one was awesome. That being said, I would think along the lines of figuring out either a simple cipher or some other randomly generated letter combination in order to be able to unlock clues towards the “final answer” (I know we just did hangman, but something a little more in depth). Have that sent over Google Doc in order to keep others from taking the same common answer. I understand that the larger giveaways are to be able to spread brand awareness, but it also bring in people just for that reason only never to see them again.

Another thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is “a day in the life” kind of series. Each person at Anker shares a common workplace, but each persons job is fundamentally different. Being able to see what goes into product design, artwork, R&D, manufacturing, support, etc would give us a chance to see what goes into the products that we love so much.

To echo @professor prior comment, giving back to peoples community is a big part of the holidays. Whenever I have something that I am either not going to need or have no use for, I try to give it away to someone in my city. I have unofficially been dubbed the “tech giveaway” guy on the Facebook group for my city because of this. It always goes to someone who can truly need it, but seeing the look on people’s faces when you make their day with something unexpected brings a smile to your face. I know Anker does a lot of giveaways, but setting up a giveaway to be able to surprise someone in need that a community member knows would be a great idea. It doesn’t have to be a sob story (I gave a pair of LP2’s to a local police officer because he goes out of his way to make peoples day while still serving the community), but someone opening the door to a “care package” sent by the community member/community would could make a huge difference in someone’s life. Something as simple as earbuds/headphones that we all take for granted can be a huge change for someone who doesn’t have the means to do so.


I know about greed and I know about need. If I simply ask someone if they want something it’s invariably a yes, so I instead ask if they have problems to solve, and that can result in me giving time or gift them.

The most common situation is a flat phone battery and I always have a Powercore and I let them use mine then say they can keep it and my follow up is then also give them a charger. I got from Anker two 4 port chargers and that’s liberated from my then dual port chargers so they are being gifted. To complete the gift I bought with money some cables.

You mentioned earbuds but I won some Spirit X buds and I’ve never in months crossed path of someone inferring they need them.

My ability to spot need (and not greed) has been curtailed by local laws banning visiting people, the opportunity to see a need is far less now than average.

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I’d like to see all 3. This is what sets Anker apart from the rest. The engagement of community members and staff alike:

  • A contest
  • A giveaway
  • Some exclusive news or insights

It’s been a sad year for many, so I thought I could spread some joy with what NYC is best at doing during this season. Showing off it’s Christmas spirit:


Awesome photos… It would be a nice time to go to NY (non covid)… :slight_smile:

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