Gallery Section for Anker Community!

No, no, why give up before it has been started. :laughing:

Of course kids are helpful in advertising photos.
But there are so more other possibilities to create funny photos.
Let’s start, so we will see!

I hope we do get a gallery

Hey, life is beautiful, especially when you’re charged and ready :man_shrugging:

I’m back :wink: and have done viewing all your opinions. Everyone seems to like this idea :laughing:
So I’m summarizing everyone’s suggestions here:

  1. One pic per day
  2. No copy from others (If one does, one may be permanently banned from uploading pics to the Gallery)
  3. Weekly top three winners get powerbucks
  4. Monthly top winner gets a reward product, one can pick whichever product one likes within certain price (of course inventory will be taken in consideration)
  5. There should be some categories

Did I miss anything or should any of above may need to change?


Thank you for summary!

All points look good. One more point, no double posting - meaning - uploading exact same photo again.

This sure looks like it is going to be another feather in cap for Anker Community, showcasing all of Anker Products :+1:

That looks pretty good.

One feature a lot of users would enjoy, is it every month, all of the uploads of that month were put into a folder (a scrapbook per se), and then labeled with that month. So you can sort of look at it month by month, and not have all of the content on one page.

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All fine so far.
But one photo for each day is too much, but I have already mentioned.
This will lead to a mess.
One per week?

What about photomontage?

Seems a fair summary.
It might be worth considering if points aren’t involved don’t have an upload limit.
Personally I’ve got quite a few OK pic from reviews etc I would like to upload! One a day or a week would make it a tedious task to upload.

And folders containing product types PowerLine, PowerCore etc.

Yeah and automatic doing of this would be good.

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Seconding this!

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Great summary Pei @AnkerOfficial
So, how the winners are chosen? By you and team of mods?
or by voting/likes ?

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Thats a good questions.
The best would be, they are chosen by the community.
(Most democratic way)

The issue with that is that it could turn into a popularity contest, over an actual “best photo” contest. Aka, users that are “more well liked” will get more likes on their photos compared to users they are “less well liked” (not naming any names :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I think that the admins should choose the winners, but still take the number of likes into account while doing so.


I dont think so.
I would vote for the best photo not the best friend! :smile:
(There are too many best friends here)

This has been discussed time and again… there are lot of popular members who will get lot of votes… we want to move away from favoritism :slight_smile:

Admins should choose winners based on which photo represents Anker in better way, not the likes. Likes again bring the “popularity” into account.

Personally I’m hoping it’s the admin / office team based on how the photo can best sell the brand or product featured (within the rule boundaries they have for social media images)…

While I think likes should be allowed, as is recognises your image has been viewed, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor to rule out member popularity over a quality image…namely look how likes are used back and forth for just a response to a reply sometimes :wink:

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Getting new opinions :wink: Let me add them up:
6. Have monthly folders for pics
7. Winners get picked by admins and mods maybe?

But now we seem to have different thoughts of:

  • how frequent members should upload pics.
  • how winners should be picked.

What does everybody else think?

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One per week.
Winners can be found by admins and members.
I am sure there will be not only photos “liked” by the participants best friends.
Quality, theme, fantasy, creativity etc. that counts.

Lets have 100 who are participating -> 1 per day = 100 per day = 700 per week.
Too many.


Split the difference?

Two prizes,won based on user votes, other on mod/Admin.

As two then do less frequently, say every 2 weeks.

Suggest the winner is not allowed to win the next time but is asked to vote with the mod/Admin for next prize, then is allowed to win the one after.

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The more rules the more confusion, the more complications!


eg. Can be the same one be chosen by users and admins?

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