From 6 inches away, on full power, Eufy will not return to base

I’ve had my Eufy for about 2 years not and it has worked fine. Just recently it’s been incapable of finding the base station (which it previously had no problems finding)

As a test, I took a fully charge Eufy, pulled it back 6 inches and hit the HOME button on the remote. The unit started up, turns around and ran away. I stopped it, put it in manual mode, turned it back to the base unit and turned it back on. Same thing.

Just to be safe, I power cycled the base station (can’t hurt) I also cleaned the front panel of the robot in case something was blocking the IR signal. Neither helped. Not sure how to test if the IR signal is 1) not being sent or 2) not being received.

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Hi @Scott_Jenson
Shame you’re having problems.
If you can locate the IR transmitter and receiver, activate the Home mode and look at the transmitter and receiver through your phone camera, IT shows as a red/purple flashing light like this,

Failing that you could contact eufy support at for further fault finding advice.
Please let me know how you get on.


Make sure the dock is cleaned from dust. Also these kinds of robots with sensors in the front do get scuffed quite badly over the years, so perhaps you should clean it with some Plast-X. It will basically sand down the plastic so the sensors can “see” again. Of course your robovac is avoiding walls then the sensors are working fine.

I’d just contact support :+1: