[Floodlight Cam 2 Pro] Wired and no Homebase support?!

Product: https://us.eufylife.com/collections/security/products/t8423

Dear @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerTechnical, @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell

Some of you know me maybe and that i am fan and user of the eufy security cam series since the first original eufy cam (kickstarter) and original homebase! After a lot of waiting time to get this product nearly to perfect and many updated and improvements, i am now, 2 years later, very satisfied with it.

But, i am waiting all the time for the first “dome” cam from eufy. And some days ago i found an advertise about the eufy FLOODLIGHT CAM 2 PRO !

I thought: Finally, a dome cam, want it, buy it, buy it, now!

But then i started to realize, but still can’t believe it, that this cam IS NOT supporting the eufy cam HOMEBASE (original, or call it 1 if you want) ??? Serious??? Local SD-storage inside the cam??? SERIOUS???!!! WTF? WHY?!

I could live with the fact that it is wired(!) and does not have a huge battery pack, i could even live with the fact that it is not yet available in Europe/Germany. But i can’t live and never will, that it has oldschool local storage inside the cam, even if this company owns a nearly perfect and save and secure infrastructure with Homebase(!)

So my questions are:

  1. Am i dumb or blind or is this cam really wired and only got local storage?!
  2. When will the first battery or wired powered DOME CAM (with and/or without floodlight), be available on the market?

Serious: I guess i am not the only one who wants and asks for a outdoor dome cam, battery powered (with out floodlight) and/or wired (with floodlight) which defenetily supports every eufy homebase! Please finally realize this, this is still a missing product in the eufy cam series and would fill the gap.

Thank you! I hope to receive some good news and sorry that i am not as involved and informed in the mass number of products in the meanhile as i was some time ago. Thats why i may ask like a dumb schoolboy. Maybe there is already such a cam available or planned and i just dont know about it yet.

Thanks again! Greets

Hi @professor

Thanks for trying to help, but your linked 2 Pro ≠ Floodlight 2 Pro!
(UPDATE: In the meanhwile he deleted his post, so don’t wonder who or what i am answering to)
Therefore the linked thread isn’t helpful, because it is about a completely different model.
But thanks anyway. :kissing_heart:

Eufycam 2 Pro:


Eufycam FLOODLIGHT 2 Pro:


So i wanna talk about the 2nd shown model. But maybe any community member can answer or help, if anker is not themself. Thanks in advance.


Dear @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerTechnical, @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell and all interested community users:

One of the most frustrating points i complain about is the fact that the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro just seem to offer local (inside the cam itself) storage! Nowhere it says it supports the Homebase 1 and 2. Boooo! Fail!

But now, just some minutes ago, i have received an update for my eufy security app which lets me hope again! See this:

So does this mean the FLOODLIGHT CAM 2 PRO will defenitely work with the original Homebase and Homebase 2 to save the footage inside the homebase and NOT inside the cam itself?!


Because then, but only then, it will be possible and make sense for me to buy it! The only complainpoint left then it that it is just available as wired version and not also as battery powered version (recharged by solar). But i could live with that one. But the sotrage MUST BE inside the homebase.


Let’s say @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerSupport, @AnkerTechnical, @ndalby, @TechnicallyWell or anyone from the cummunity will confirms the Homebase 1 and Homebase 2 support, which would be awesome. One question is left:

When will FLOODLIGHT CAM 2 PRO be available in Europe / Germany? And where!?


Sent the questions and request to eufy/anker by email, the answer some days ago was:


So let’s hope this collogue will show up here sometime, and anwer the product questions :wink:

Thank you!

@ndalby Hi Neil, could you do me a favour and correct “Floodlight” in the thread title please? Can’t do it on my own, thanks! :kissing_heart:


They highly probably meant the specific forum for Eufy security.


So a eufylife support person replies in an eufylife forum, not an Anker forum.

No worries, all done now.

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All those different boards and forums confuses me :confused:

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Thanks ! :+1:

Agreed, but it’s what Anker decided to do so best follow their instructions.

No thanks bro @professor !

I am here since years and not willing at all to register at multiple boards or forums just to taken care of or to handle just ONE BRAND! But thanks. I understood the answer in the way that someone will come to this thread and answer, as this was my intention and i linked to this thread in my email.

I agree multiple brands under one brand when you forked them off just created jobs in marketing.

Even though they sell Eufy under Eufy, the vast amount of Eufy here in Anker is clearly proving what a waste of time it was. But still, I’m sure someone made a $ from it.

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Source: https://support.eufylife.com/s/article/eufy-Floodlight-Cam-2-Pro-FAQ

… and we are waiting, and waiting, and waiting … and staying tuned since months … does anyone, anyone has a clue or knows more than the general customer?!

My questions are:

  1. Why does anyone at anker thinks it is in any way smart to bring any kind of eufy cam on the market WITHOUT HOMEBASE SUPPORT?! :astonished: :rage: :triumph: :-1:
  2. When will Floodlight Cam 2 Pro finally starts to support ALL homebases?!
  3. When will Floodlight Cam 2 Pro finally be available in EU (Germany)?!

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport Feel free to join in!


@ndalby I have noticed that i have opened the thread in the “wrong” forum:
General & Product Discussion

Would you be so kind and move this thread to General & Product Discussion eufy
Like in this example:

So it would be found from more people i guess and is posted the same way i posted my previous hundreds of threads. Don’t know what i made wrong this time, just noticed that i didn’t find/see my own thread :grin:

Thanks bro! :kissing_heart:

No worries @yamyam, now moved.

You might get better uptake on answers from support in the dedicated Eufy Community


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Thx @ndalby but as said before: I don’t support and understand several boards and forums for one company, makes no sense but thinks more complicated and confusing. And i don’t wanna register for ANOTHER borad, i am here, thats it. They should and could also ingerate this in here without any problems.

Mayby there will be someone here who is also registered there and would link to or mention this thread here?!

But thanks for moving bro :kissing_heart:

That is illogical when you think about support.

The price you pay for the product includes support - so paid salaried employees who have finite time to read forums.

It makes sense when the Anker product portfolio is so vast - to have sub-brands for specific product families and to have forums dedicated to those. e.g. Eufy security community.

Otherwise the finite resources are wasting more time trying to filter the other non-applicable product support issues.

I think they should have fully closed all Eufy security threads here and moved them over to stop having two overlapping places. That is their true mistake, not closing this very sub-group of Eufy here, then you’d never be typing any words here at all now.

Their next mistake is seems they have someone who is being a jerk as admin their Eufy community, judging by the comments here.