Flash Error on the EufySecurity windows web app

Issue no longer affecting me, either - thanks for the heads-up, DDI :hugs:

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I am still having the original issue. What was the fix?

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Hoping this assists and provides some useful information.

For those wanting to avoid the potential privacy risks and avoid using an edge browser.

EUFY need to fix and do an update to remove flash content players the EOL from Adobe was announced in July 2017.

Given that all companies using Flash Player should have been adopting the disuse of Flash Player or phasing over to a ongoing supported protocols that we are now hit with. Failure to play (20022)…

It is more likely though given comments about failures of customer service / tech support to get back re this issue the devices that use Flash player will also be EOL.
And they may not provide an update for customers using Flash Player based viewing / monitoring with a newer non Flash Player player…

A work around is to use an android emulator and run the app in the emulator on your PC .
This is a workaround Not a great solution.

It is what happens when you embed an update protocol into OS’s, software / apps / code you can force redundancy across the board and it fails to work as backwards compatibility is removed with every forced update.

The following may assist in section 6. Again if it works now by the end of 2020 it won’t.

Adobe re Flash Player EOL.

After putting the content I got error stating new posters can only put in two links so link to page.

Hope it may help.

Same problem April 2021 … I get this error about 30% of the time. Using latest version of Chrome/Edge and Windows 10 … very frustrating. Android app works almost always. Please fix this.