Features for Eufy 30C

I own a Eufy 30C
Here are my suggestions:

  1. vacuum and sit: because I have a 2 level house and I prefer to clean room by room, as stated before, the automatic “go back to recharge” can be a problem. Once done, the vacuum goes around seeking the base while locked by doors, magnetic strips or because it was used on a different floor. Thus it would be helpful to have the option to just stop it (no base seeking) after the end of the job. Also if magnetic strips are they prevent the vacuum to go back to the base. The sensor should be deactivated during base seeking
  2. Timed cleanup: beyond the 30 min quick clean it would be nice to manually set the time of the cleanup. Rooms can be of very different sizes with some that could be reasonably finished in 10 min. other in 45. Right now I have to do the timing manually. Timed cleanup in conjunction in with “vacuum and sit” would be super useful.
  3. rough mode: the vacuum seems to actively avoid walls (it stays 2 inches away, which is way too much), and some corners. It would be nice to have the option of deactivate or reduce/change sensitivity of the optical sensors and and sometimes use just the bumper as the main wall/furniture sensor. Please let the user decide
  4. the app should show the charging level in %, not just a tiny battery icon which leaves you guessing

All your suggestions are well thought out.

I own the “stupid” 11S, so those ideas didnt come in mind.
(No application available for this model)

But the application can be easily programmed to realize those features you mentioned.

It should be easy to create a kind of “own cleaning program” created with modules (better to say commands in this case) from a library. A simple straight forward program for the robot.
Of course no need of any knowledge of programming techniques should be expected from the user to create such a “cleaning program”. :wink:
A kind of a really very simple programming language.