[Feature Request] Eufycam Geofencing + scheduling

Totally agree with this enhancement. I currently have the Arlo system and use the Geofencing/Schedule combination all the time. This is one of the best features I like about Arlo. I’ve been looking into changing to Eufy cameras because of it’s local storage, improved battery life. and seemingly better picture/video clarity. But, I like this feature so much that I won’t change to Eufy until it becomes available in the Eufy app.

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Agreed! We would love for the ability to have geo fencing set during the day and motion detection in the evening. I know I will forget to manually arm it every night.

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Great idea. Would love to see this feature

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+1 for this feature. Any word on the Techies from Anker/Eufy?

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YES! Please add this feature soon.

I have 4 eufy cameras (3 of the eufyCam 2; 1 of the eufyCam 2C). Right now, I schedule night time to “Away” and day time to “Home” then I manually switch Home/Away when we leave the house. It would be awesome if everything could be automated through geo.

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Hi, any updates on these feature? Seems logical and easy to implement. I need it, and not only me, but several people over here. Otherwise, I will update for another system… would like to hear from the support!

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Same here! Eufy do something about it!!!

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I really hope this comes soon! Also hoping Geofencing gets out of Beta! Eufy you also need to make the “Small, Medium, and Large” zones for Geofencing way smaller. I mean you must have made these zones for people who live in giant mansions because my large zones is practically my whole development and the smallest zone is half of my street. Any way we could customize the zones so it’s only in our yard?

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I am also looking for this feature. This would be a huge plus for my Eufy entry sensors to arm themselves at night and my cameras to switch to away mode based on my location.

I have 3 Indoor P&T camera’s and I find it very difficult to change them one by one in the settings of ‘Security’ from ‘Home’ to 'Absent’.

If Geofencing would work this would be automatic!
Or is there another way to do this at once?

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I was just about to write a request for the Geofencing feature when I found this page :slight_smile:
Will it be coming anytime soon. ?

This feature would be really helpful for me. @AnkerSupport: Is this on the roadmap with a release date? Thanks!

I too would love to see this. And if the indoor cameras could be controlled by the homebase in this way… perfect!

Yessss this feature is a must!

Please add this Feature :disappointed_relieved::+1:

Just bought the doorbell and am surprised this is not a option. Have been searching to see if it’s possible to do would really like the ability to do so

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical
It would also be cool to add a “Wi-fi only” mode so you can define a Wi-fi Network as “Home”. When you’re connected to this Wi-fi you’re at home, otherwise you’re not :grin:

But first please enable “Geofencing & Scheduling” :+1:

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical this is a must

@AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical Please add this feature, it’s a must :slight_smile:

I would like the opposite: schedule as one of the modes within geofencing modes when home so the alarm sets while I’m home during the night