Feature Request - Eufy 2C camera settings - Record for x seconds after motion is done


I just ordered and set up my Eufy Security Cameras. So far, so good. I have 3x 2C cameras and the Homebase2. One thing I wish that there was a setting for would be a setting to keep recording after motion has ended. I know that I have the option to set a custom power setting to record for up to 120 seconds, but I have that set to end early when motion has stopped. If the motion is 10 seconds long, I don’t need 110 seconds of blank nothing with the limited storage that the Homebase has. Instead, there should be an option to record for x seconds after motion has stopped, but during that x seconds, if motion is detected again, then to keep recording. Example is that if a car pulls out of my driveway, the motion zone I currently have stops at the end of the driveway, so would like to see that car pull away. Not the greatest example, but you get the idea. I tried to do some searching on the forum here to see if this was requested before, but not having any luck. Anyone else think this would be helpful?


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I think this would be a good feature. My wired Reolink cameras have this option, but I’m not sure whether the battery powered ones do.