FCC ID 2AOKB-A2850 Portable Charger Share by Anker Innovations Limited

It seems like a charging station :face_with_monocle:

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They’ve made lots of this before, for cafés primarily.

I think this was announced, a collaboration with an office furniture business a few months ago?

That was with Steel Case, but looked different though.


So this is a heavy user of WiFi. I reckon it’s a combined router, storage host, battery.

No mention at all of LTE so it is not a cellular router, so must be either acting as WiFi repeater or takes Ethernet in.

Thanks for pitching in @Insider So, Anker has this idea for a while now and probably in use in China?
Would you even think of sharing a portable charge now with Covid-19 situation? unless Anker says they have UV lights in the base and they are 99.9% cleaned when in the base?

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Maybe this is coming out in China and then other markets if it works out, but I wonder how good it will do now with covid

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