Father's Day Gift Guide | The Best Gifts for Dad!


Hey, you! Here’s your reminder that Father’s day is coming up FAST. Want to find the perfect gift for dad but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, Anker has your back :wink:

We’ve reached into our stock and picked out 4 specialized gifts, depending on what the man who matters most in your life needs. Click Here or read below to learn more :point_down:

If Your Dad is a Pro

Is your dad someone who knows what it means to work smarter, not harder? Does he appreciate something that will make his life easier? Look no further than the Anker 735 Charger.

Whether he’s traveling for business or cranking in his workspace, you’re giving him a charger he can depend on for all his devices without losing a drop of power. Click Here to learn more.

If your Dad is Always On-the-Go

Every dad has used the phrase “I can’t be two places at once.” That may be so, but at least with the Anker 622 he can make it from one place to the next without needing to worry about running out of battery!

This super-strong battery will snap magnetically onto his phone to ensure perfect alignment and an efficient charge. When dad finally gets the chance to relax, he can even use the built-in foldable kickstand to keep his iPhone upright for a comfortable viewing angle. Click Here to learn more.

If Your Dad is Happiest Outdoors

If your dad enjoys spending his time working in the garage, taking the fam for a camping trip, or building D.I.Y. projects, the Anker 757 PowerHouse is sure to be a gift he won’t shut up about.

For the dad who seems like he can do it all, this portable powerstation is an ideal solution to power all his essential devices and appliances where he’d like, including a mini fridge, coffee maker, and even an electric grill. Click Here to learn more.

If Your Dad is Cooler than You

Something about a dad with an iPad… it’s like it’s their most prized possession. If that sounds like your dad, the Anker 551 USB-C Hub is an easy win for his gift this year.

This hub not only includes 8 ports, but it also functions as a stand to make working from an iPad a breeze. Even if it’s just for a game of digital solitaire, now your dad can get the perfect angle, height and orientation. Click Here to learn more.

Does one of the specialized products above remind you of your dad? Are you going to get an Anker gift for him this year? Let us know in the comments of this post :star_struck:

For pricing, more product details, and additional gift ideas, visit our complete Father’s Day Gift Guide Page, and do it quickly before it’s too late!



Some great ideas - thanks. That tablet stand would defiinitely be a winner with my parents!


I’m a dad, so I should be expecting to receive one of these right? LOL

These are very convenient gift ideas

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Well… we’re a bit late… but I talked my wife into trying the Q30s. Can’t wait for them ti arrive.]