Fastest / best car charger for Galaxy S20

Hi, I’m looking for the fastest car charger for my Galaxy S20. Which of these two will charge faster?

PowerDrive III Duo

PowerDrive Speed 2

One has USB-C but the pther has Quick Charge 3.0 which seems like it might be faster despite the “older” connector?

Thanks for the help!

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Both of those should charge Galaxy S20 at the same speed. If you’re also looking for a wall charger, check out the recently released PowerPort III Pod 65W, which will provide Super Fast Charging. Hope this helps!

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Hey @joemama77ca
The PowerDrive III will not charge your S20.
I have the S20+ and it doesn’t accept a charge from the USBC ports of current Anker chargers.
However it does work fine on any USBC port.
I understand this is a Samsung “thing” not Anker.

For better results with your S20 I’d recommend getting a Samsung charger

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This is for PowerDrive III Duo:

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Thanks! I’m in Canada so was on and those don’t show up there. I guess I should have thought to check

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Yeah, there is this one:

But I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it. Also, 45W seems like overkill since the S20 is only 25W.

Their other charger is 15W:

Which I’m guessing is just a QC 3 charger?

Maybe what I’m looking for is not necessarily the absolute fastest charger but the fastest/best between USB-C vs QC 3.

I was reading somewhere that even if you get a USB-C charger that does more than 18W it won’t make a difference with the S20 because while these third party chargers support USB PD they don’t support Programmable Power Supply (PPS) which is what’s needed for “Super-fast Charging”?

All this charging stuff seems very confusing.

It sounds like “Super-Fast charging” in the car is a no go until either the Samsung charger is available to buy or third party chargers support PPS. So, I’d settle for whatever is faster/better: USB-C PD or QC 3.0 I guess.

The S20 comes with a 25w Samsung charger but it can also support the 45w charger. Granted, the charging time will be minimal ( maybe 5 to 10 minutes difference) but it’s either the 45w or 18w

Got all excited, so went out to the car.
No go :cry:

Phone wouldn’t charge with PowerDrive III Duo.
Tried PowerPort III Mini, PowerPort+ Atom III (USBC) and they still didn’t work.
Tried a basic PowerLine USBC to USBC and 2 different PowerLine+ USBC to USBC with the same result.
Plug phone into Samsung charger and it charges fine.

So either those reviews are wrong or the Samsung functions in different territories.

HOWEVER, I have done a bit of research and all my Anker USBC chargers will charge the phone when it’s switched off - so not much good in the car when using map services etc.
They also work when using a USBC to Micro cable with a micro to USBC adaptor which is weird, but might lead someone with more technical knowledge to a conclusion.

I was so hoping something was fixed in an update and I’d missed the info, but sadly not :cry:

Just found this online, there seems to be a few similar articles.

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Puzzling… Did you have yours replaced by Anker?

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No I didn’t. I started the process but it wasn’t until they asked for receipts I realised I’d won’t them/got via giveaways so didn’t actually buy them.

But for 3 items not to charge with 3 cables plus the fact the internet is full of info re compatibility, or more incompatibility I’ve stuck as I am.
When Anker releases a compatible charger I’ll upgrade one of my existing ones.
To be fair, I wireless charge overnight so it’s not a big issue. But it’s nice to have a good wired charger available if I get caught out.

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PowerPort III Pod 65W is advertised to.

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I thought it was just the S20 Ultra that supported 45w?

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That’s weird. I got the PowerDrive III Duo from Amazon today and it charges my S20 fine. Even says fast charging. So it seems it works and now I’m just not sure if a QC 3 one would be any faster or if the QC 3 “power curve” would be better for the battery.

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Great find @Insider
I’ll be sure to look out for it if it comes to the UK :+1:t2:

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Thanks @joemama77ca that’s certainly an odd one.
But again maybe some weird restriction in the UK market.

I think I’ll order a PowerDrive and PowerPort III Mini and test.

The euro versions have a different chip, they utilize the exynos processor thats why it will not work. But the US version of these phone can be charged by the Anker car charger.

Everyone always forgets that the Qualcomm chipsets is what allows for Quick Charge to work since its their proprietary tech. But also that the exynos is samsungs in house chipset that supports its own fast adaptive charging protocol


Well that explains that @Tank nice one.
I was aware they used different chips but never put 2 and 2 together.
US friends were happily using Anker chargers as Samsung uses Qualcomm chips in that market!

No worries :+1:

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No as far as I know all 3 variants support it. Even the Note 10 and Note 10+ support the 45w charger