Facebook down (shame)


Normally people are seeking to be nice to each other and find out factual information from Facebook, but shame its down so they can just knock on their neighbour’s door and be nasty and non-factual instead.

As we all know when you interact with someone remotely it brings out the best in humanity.


Facebook should have bought a Powercore.

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Shared to Twitter :wink:…Guess they don’t have all theirs on one server in one country :rofl:

Upside is they won’t likely feel the pinch of the stocks going down :innocent:

I had friends freaking out that Instagram wasn’t working. Crazy the world we live in now

Twitter is more a Seattle thing, Facebook is a more California thing.

While this example is probably not true, this does show the money to be made by hacking, bringing Facebook down and ask for money to restore it, may be worth paying given the 5% drop in share. Or, you force the outage, let share price fall, buy shares, then end the outage and then sell shares.

There’s a lot of money to be in the whole topic of messing with computers.

Time to buy the shares and login to my Russian server… (joking)

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Wonder if the recent whistleblower is a reason for the “issue” to why Facebook is down.

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I am anti social media as I’ve found it is a source of hate and lies and the whistleblower confirms that view that if you float up divisive topics you get more clicks. To a degree I’ve found an echo chamber on youtube also. Folks are tending to be presenting what they have shown they want to see so “a conclusion will always find it’s own facts”.

Once great countries like USA is being torn apart by this.

No, I think the outage is just a dumb human error. Being large it would not be a physical hardware errors - that causes a partial outage - this is an untested change pushed causing database corruption.

Facebook fans right now lol




Sean and Lawrence familiar to those here and Soundcore community.


I didn’t mind Facebook or Instagram going down, but what made me mad is that I couldn’t use my Oculus because it ties into Facebook servers. Oh well I didn’t need my poker fix today

Hope nobody committed suicide because of this “disaster” :rofl:

I agree with that as well. Oculus needs to be on a different FB server.

I initially did FB log in on several sites. I have decided to break that a little starting with the different communities here.

My son has the Oculus as well and does seem fun with the limited time he lets me on it :rofl: (I been on mostly to help fix his issues he gets on it). Even with that little bit of time, I can tell it looks good.

We also have a PS 4 VR system that I mainly use. It is pretty good as well. If not using the VR, I use it as a large screen TV to watch streaming services as you can select the screen size and watch it in large mode.

He does not use it as much as he should but is it easy to replace the batteries as I have not had to do that yet. May decide to do rechargeable batteries if it seems easier to do or use that way.

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The point of not coupling logins is good in general. Similarly don’t login with Google as eventually they will have an outage.

Understand these global outages are rarely hardware, it’s nearly always machosimo pushing an untested change “it will be fine…” which then breaks the network then processes like backup fail and corruption of databases. I’ll make a sexist ageist prediction - the error traces back to a young male not many years out of college trying to please someone.

It’s easy to avoid the problem: change management.
It’s easy to mitigate risk: do a test, and do change at quiet times when no other changes happening.
There’s no way you can avoid short outages as no-one has perfect knowledge , but you can act in a manner which makes it shorter than 6 hours they did to themselves.

And “Mr. Zuckerzwerg” (sic) is losing a lot of money.
Should I suffer with that poor fellow?


Everyone at my work brought food and their pets to work cos they cannot show it on instagram/FB :laughing:


Back to the roots!
Isn’t this much better than to use such “unsocial media” day & night!
May be the birth rate will increase in 9 month! :rofl:

I thought everyone at work began actually working when they were down.

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Aren’t we the only lonely ones, who don’t touch these “media”.
The minimalist and the neanderthaler! :rofl:

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Yea I love my Oculus, I have used it almost everyday since I got it on my Birthday back in April.
I too use it for its large screen watching Netflix and YouTube. Some games offer total immersion which I like as well, but you have to have the space to move around and i much prefer to sit and use it. But still fun none the less

I enjoy it as well. A few of the games are well made and others the vr mot as good but game play as well

Must admit I didn’t even know about it til after the fact. We were too busy watching Squid Game on Netflix to notice lol