Expired UK deals Monday Sept 14th

Note these deals opened at UK midnight and already gone when I looked just now. Early bird catches the worm


Great deals @professor
Let me know when you find 40% off :wink:PowerPort Atom III 63w

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Great discounts!!! :ok_hand:

Feedback to @AnkerOfficial for the digital marketing team. Please send out e-mails alerting subscribers to offers just before they go live. I received my email at 4:07pm UK time by which time all offers had expired.

Great work on the community and campaigns to grow your audience, but sending links to expired deals isn’t the best way to maintain goodwill. Can you have a word with whoever handles the scheduling?

On the plus side at least it wasn’t an email for a US only offer this time.


I posted the deals then checked the deals and all of them gone as if the email was wrong. I’m used to a couple of deals expiring quick but to be all of them?

They were available at 7am when I checked deals of the day in amazon. Obviously very popular.