[Expired] Soundcore on Sale

Also found this at Woot.com



Nice to know, but you could have merged these 2 posts as one…

Iwoot nebula n Soundcore sale… Simples :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for sharing! I wonder how good does the Motion B speaker sound?

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Thanks for sharing

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That infini soundbar is brilliant.

Sound is great in AUDIO mode, and tbh, I use MUSIC mode for movies, I find movie mode too spacial… Maybe down to having a basic dvd player and a 12yr old TV. However, music mode is great for music, but also fantastic for.movies.

I highly recommend it

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I was just trying to make it organized in the right category for each section.

nice, thanks for sharing

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When creating a new topic, on the top and bottom right, you can add tags, so you could tag both Soundcore and Nebula

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