[EXPIRED] Nebula Capsule discount



Anker Nebula Capsule smart Wi-Fi portable mini projector, $40 off with With coupon: JUNCAPS1


Description - It’s easy to transport and has an Android operating system inside so you can access your favorite streaming apps.

$259.99 with $40 off


Thanks for sharing!!


thanks for sharing this


Good deal :clap:


Where did you find the discount code?:star_struck:


Found it on androidcentral.com :slight_smile:

Plus there was one more for Nebula Mars Lite for $214.99 with code WW40, on rakuten.com but did not publish it since i was not sure if this was Anker Nebula warranty supported.


Nice deal for you guys!


Probably going to buy this for the summer, should be a nice outdoorsy kinda occasion with such device.


Awesome, does anyone have this? I wonder how great it is. Thinking about getting one but may have to wait until I move into a new place.


You could also consider the upgrade version: