Exclusive Student Discounts



Soundcore is now offering exclusive deals on their gear for students through Student Beans, as well! Click here to learn more and claim your 20% off discount!


I brought it to their attention and it seems they still have not fixed it but the link brings you to a page that only gets you 15% off not the advertised 20%

@AnkerOfficial xcan you please ask them to fix it because they have not replied to me in twitter


They fixed it!


What is required for student discount ? An email address with .edu?


Yes that should be all you need


Hello everyone! I am a student right now, and I would love to get this discount as I am not the rich man and can’t afford myself to buy such a subscription. Even 15% gives a good advantage for the student! Please tell me, it is still valid, because I want to quickly earn money on this site, so you can buy it. Thank you!


Its 20% off for students and you have to register via the link above in order to get the discount


Currently not working or #Anker isn’t offering student discounts


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@ndalby click bait link


Cheers @Tank


Ooh sweet! I’ve never heard of this before!


Shame that I am no longer a student :joy:


While I am. No. Longer a student I still have and use my school’s email… Benefit of my school is that I can still attend classes for free if their is room available


Oh wow, that’s nice!


Lol, glad I’m not the only one doing this.


Doesn’t seem to work sadly. Would’ve loved some discounts since I’m still a student


Good to know for any current students!


Go on students!
Old old days…


Yeah, this was from a while ago.