Exciting new event besides Prime day

Hey, guys I know everybody is caught up in the Prime day deals, but there is another exciting event happening today. At 10:00 am PDT Apple will hopefully be releasing their new phone. For those who are buying the new iPhone, today is the best day to stock up on some things to charge that new phone.
Apple confirms iPhone 12 event, here's what we know - 9to5Mac
Lets face it the chargers that come with the iphones are slowSpeed Limit Snail Slow Sign - Walmart.com - Walmart.com
Below are some products you might want to consider buying if you are planning to purchase the new iPhone.

PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports)Anker | PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports)

PowerWave Pad & Stand 7.5WAnker | PowerWave Pad & Stand 7.5W

USB C to Lightning Cable [3 ft Apple Mfi Certified] Anker | USB C to Lightning Cable [3 ft Apple Mfi Certified]

6ft Premium Nylon Lightning CableAnker | 6ft Premium Nylon Lightning Cable


There are two different Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim 4 ports

Subtle but important difference is one has 1 USB-C port, other has 2 USB-C ports.

Because USB-A is an older technology, most here will already own all the USB-A ports they need, for legacy, progressively less important, less used, devices. You probably want to buy more USB-C ports and the problem then grows of needing Desk charger with more USB-C ports.

Across all of Anker’s chargers, the cost of a USB-C port seems to be about £4 more than a USB-A port so if Anker can offer the 1 C + 3 A for £23 implies the 2 C + 2 A should at some point me offered at £27.

As Anker is now pushing 20W, I’d expect an “upgraded” version of everything currently 18W including these to become 20W. If you’re in a rush, 20W is only a small upgrade from 18W, but just be aware on the details as it rolls out and factor in price and purchase decisions.


Nice Segway from the two big recent events :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Thanks @matthewdmorais nicely done.

P.s. I got the 3/1 slim, prior to the good advice from @professor but it was a very tempting, good deal… couldn’t pass it up.

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Indeed the 1 C 3 A Slim was a good deal.

I just own a lot of chargers already so I’m pickier than average.


It’s dawned on me today what is happening next.

All the 18W ports will become 20W. The 1 C 3 A slim has a 45W port so it’s not being changed, but the 2 C 2 A Slim has an 18W port.

It’s a trivial change so I’m not expecting all new products just the next batch from the factory to be upgraded. To stop old and new stock mixing in warehouse I’d expect selling all existing 18W port chargers, then unavailable, then upgraded 20W available.

If Anker has too close a period between selling 18W and 20W as that triggers people free returns from buyer’s regret, and the upgraded product not as the same discounted price as the original for > 30 days.

That means the upgraded products a month after any 18W discounted period ends.

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The chargers that come with the iPhones are slow

Ah, I like your style. I expected another year of sluggish 5W charging, but instead there’s no brick included-and instead a USB-C to lightning cable!

Seems it’s another excuse to pick up a PowerPort iii Nano…

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You gotta admit the whole MagSafe system is pretty cool though.

Wish Samsung would release nice colors like Apple does :sob:

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