EufySecurity on Android: huge battery drain

Since I installed it yesterday, the Eufy Security app has been the single biggest battery drainer on my Android phone.
Here’s a couple of screenshots.
Is Eufy aware of the issue? Is anything being done about it?

Thank you!

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Thanks for informing us! We have forwarded this to our engineers so that we can refine the app.

The screenshots are extremely helpful. Thank you!


Hi! Any updates on the battery drain? Thank you!

Same issue here, also noticed some overheat in my phone since installed :frowning:
The keep alive service seems to be the main reason

For all those having battery life issues:

What app version are you on? One of the older versions of the app may drain battery life fast, but the most recent version has been improved quite a bit.

Indeed, last version with the modes screen redesign seems to have fixed this.

This was seen yesterday with v1.1.3_91(EU):

Battery draining CRAZY fast since installing eufySecurity app v1.7.4_581(US). Totally unacceptable.

Android 10.

PLEASE HELP! If not fixed before the return windows closes on my 2C kit, I will be forced to request a refund. My phone used to last 2 days between charges, now less than 1 day!



It’s now Feb 2021 and the issue still remains. New user here. Took me a day to notice the flaw. Can’t live with it. It’s a major problem. I send mine back and go back to Wyze. Their app has zero issues

Too bad you had a negative experience

Just purchased and I’m finding the same. Concerned that this issue goes back over 3 years and is still a problem. Surprised I didn’t see this issue in the reviews.